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How Our Revenue Generation Team Created A Recovery Plan

Once, each team member had brainstormed and created their part of the RevGen Recovery Plan, they presented their ideas to the entire team. After all of the ideas were put out on the table, the team worked through each one to make sure it made sense to add to the RevGen Recovery Plan. After the document was completed, the Revenue Generation team set up a “Lunch and Learn” meeting to present the Recovery Plan project to each of the hotels. During the video conference, each member of the presented their contributions and responded to any questions surrounding their ideas. We then sent each property a copy of the recove

Planning A Trip for After Self-Quarantine

Even though you aren’t going on any trips at the moment, you can still plan a getaway for once it’s safe to travel again. Whether it’s your dream vacation or a favorite place to visit, now is the perfect time to plan a stay away. If you’re bored in the house, having a trip to look forward to will make your time self-isolating at home more positive and exciting. Here are some tips for planning a trip post-self-quarantine. Pick somewhere more rural rather than a bustling city. Our Hampton Inn Wooster and Hilton Garden Inn Wooster, and Hampton Inn New Philadelphia in Ohio’s Amish Country and our Home2 Suites Williamsville Buffalo Airport, Tru by Hilton Williamsville Buffalo Airport, and Hyatt Place Buffalo/Amherst in the Buffalo, NY area all are in lower populated areas with exciting outdoor activities, shops, and restaurants within minutes of the properties. Find new places to explore outdoors. Things will be different post-quarantine, especially with travel trends. If you’re feeling …

6 Ways to Create a Romantic Staycation at Home

With restaurants temporarily closed and travel restrictions in place, it is hard to plan a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other. You can still plan something special to do with the supplies you already have at home. With lighting ambiance and a cozy fort, you will be able to turn your home into the perfect getaway. Here are 6 ways to create a romantic night at home:

Light candles or set up fairy lights to set the right ambiance. Having the right lighting can make your date night even cozier. You probably already have your favorite candles and some Christmas lights packed away in the attic to use.Order carryout or delivery from local eateries. Even though restaurants are only able to do carryout, you can still eat out by having it delivered or picking it up. Pick up your favorite entrees from your favorite restaurant and turn your kitchen table into a restaurant table.Bring snacks and drinks to bed. Relax in bed with your favorite snacks and drinks just like you would i…

8 Livestreams/Virtual Tours To Experience At Home

While we may not be traveling at the moment, we can still experience new places or your favorite places via live streams and virtual tours. From museums to zoos, many attractions are offering ways for you to tour online. If the kids need a break from school or if they’re just bored, it’s the perfect way to explore the world from the comfort of your home. Here are 8 of the virtual tours and live streams you can share with your family: Cincinnati Zoo. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has Home Safari Facebook Lives on their Facebook page offer an inside look at life for the animals at the Zoo. You can catch up on past streams and watch the latest stream in real-time. The Musée du Louvre. As one of the most visited museums, The Louvre is a popular destination when visiting Paris. You can tour each of the exhibits in the largest art museum from Galerie d'Apollon to Egyptian Antiquities. The Smithsonian National Museum of National History. You can tour each floor of the entir…

18 Things To Do At Home With Kids On Rainy Day

With the current state of the world, we’re all spending a lot of time at home. While you and the kids can go outside and get fresh air and play, spring is also a rainy time in some areas. When it’s raining, the kids have less to entertain themselves with, which can make it challenging to work from home or get normal everyday activities started. If you’re strapped for what to do with kids who are beginning to go stir crazy, here are 18 things to do inside with them on a rainy day. Plan Your Next Trip. Even though there are travel restrictions right now, you can still plan a future vacation. Pick your favorite place to visit and plan out a trip with the kids. Go on Your Dream Vacation. Take a virtual tour of your dream vacation from the comfort of your couch. Puzzles. Work together to build a puzzle. You can even make some new game room decor and frame it once you’re done. Build a blanket fort. Spend the day in the cozy warmth of your blanket fort reading and watching videos. Build a t…

Tips for Working From Home

With many States having a Stay At Home Order for nonessential employees many of us have found ourselves working from home with new, four-legged “co-workers”. Many businesses’ employees have been able to stay productive while working from home with Webex meetings and to-do lists. Here are some of our tips to stay productive and successfully work from home: Have a designated workspace at home. When you work on the couch and relax on the same couch after, it can be hard to “turned off” once the workday is over. You will also be able to “clock in” once you sit in your home office, keeping your day fully focused and productive. If your home is lacking a conducive space to work, many of our hotels are offering an “Office Space Special” where you can book a room Monday - Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. Have a morning routine. Don’t just roll out of bed and onto your computer. Set up a morning routine whether its 15 minutes or an hour. Wash your face, change clothes even if it’s into another pair…

Our Hilton Garden Inn Tampa-Wesley Chapel Won The 2019 Conrad Achievement Award

"It has been and continues to be our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality" - Conrad Hilton
Emerald Hospitality Associates, Inc is excited to announce that our Hilton Garden Inn Tampa-Wesley Chapel won the prestigious 2019 Conrad Achievement Award, only given to hotels in the top 5% of the Total Quality Score. The score is calculated from the hotel’s guest experience scores and the annual quality assurance evaluation score. Through hard work, dedication, and high level service, our Tampa hotel is ranked ninth out of 682 eligible Hilton Garden Inns. The property has shown “brighthearted hospitality” to its guests, staff, and community through partnering with various community organizations, offering only the best service for guests, and more.
“[This] is truly an incredible accomplishment and I owe it all to my staff for their ongoing support.” - General Manager, Charles Whiteacre
Our Hilton Garden Inn Tampa - Wesley Chapel has an outdoor pool,…